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Intelligent braking system for a children’s bike

The intelligent braking system of the children’s bike, which allows you to stop or reduce the speed of the child in the moment of danger. The application allows you to view the current location of the child, set a safe distance from the parent and determine the virtual limits and speed of the bike. In addition, the application collects data from the routes traveled. The SmartBrake system consists of a brake, a remote brake button, a mobile application and a web application.


System allows you to:

  • Limiting driving to a given space,
  • Driving speed limit,
  • Remote, wireless stopping/slowing down of the child’s bike by the parent,
  • Ensuring the stability of the bicycle during braking,
  • Minimum operating range 50 m,
  • Control available from the band as well as from the mobile application
  • Position and speed from GPS,
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