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We are very happy to be able to meet the specific needs of our clients PWN Wydawnictwo Szkolne.

👉 – is our new E- COMMERCE solution!
We have used mechanism in terms of keywords 💪 boosted sales 💪 positioning 💪 (CMS system enables a strong customization of views and the introduction of content on views)
The website offers:
🔹comprehensive information on our publications for the English language, with particular emphasis on the cooperation between PWN and Cambridge University Press;
Second language, first choice, that is everything you need to teach in German, Spanish, French and Russian;
🔹details on the regularly organized webinars in the field of foreign language teaching;
🔹 a program of comprehensive support for teachers, i.e. a handful of practical tips on how to take care of well-being in difficult times;
🔹experts’ articles on topics related to foreign language teaching;
🔹access to digital support as part of the PWN e-Academy.
👉We encourage you to visit the website in brand new version and contact us 😎
Our Projects


🌞Throughout July, you can use our mobile app for detecting melanoma – FOR FREE!
Molecular Platform is an application that supports the prevention of skin melanoma.
🧐But how? How it’s working?
It’s simple, you take a photo of the birthmark by phone and add it in our app on the 3D model, creating a story for each of the individual “moles” on your body. Artificial intelligence will verify if the birthmark has changed in some way and if there is a suspicion of SKIN CANCER.
Our Projects

Happy International Bicycle Day

Yeey! It’s today!
🚲Happy International Bicycle Day on June 3rd! 🚲 Cycling is a favorite form of recreation across the globe! 🌐
☝️On this day, we decided to clear the rubble and show you our SMART BRAKE project.
Are you wondering what it is?
SmartBreke – it is a children’s bicycle braking system, which includes a mechanism and an application.
⚙️The mechanism will make it possible to stop or reduce the child’s speed when danger appears on the horizon.
📲The application allows you to view the current location of the child’s bike, set a safe distance during bicycle trips and set virtual areas on which the child can move.
🗺️ In addition, the application collects data from the routes traveled.
We have just set up SMART BRAKE media:
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Have safe ride! 🚴🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️
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