Maciej Słowik – our colleague and Head of R&D had the opportunity to participate in the conference: “Operation of unmanned aerial systems”, which took place on 6th of March at the Institute of Aviation.

Conference organizers were Ministry of Infrastructure, Institute of Aviation, Lazarski University, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology and the Association of Unmanned Flying Systems. Many thanks for inviting us for that event. 😊

The discussed topics were:

→ Directions of changes in legal regulations and new EU regulations related to UAV operations.

→ Concept of the UAV flight U-space system in which they will be able to fly automatically.

→ Certification of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

→ Experience in tests of UAV related technologies.

→ Personnel development support, for staff responsible for creation and building up the market of unmanned aerial vehicles in the future.

We invite you to watch and read the full account of the event by clicking the link below. Have a nice read.