Project “Dobry Zawód – Fajne Życie”

Małgorzata Gulewicz

Have You seen yet portal? We have helped to create it!

We provided IT and technical support to fulfil the event at Białystok city stadium. Dobry Zawód – Fajne Życie project organized “The educational and vocational trade fairs”. 👍👍👍

Attending youth could experience our hologram projection lady at front desk. She was welcoming and introducing to the event.
64 questions in questionnaire about professional interests describing personal predispositions. Sometimes it could cause a hard time and a sweaty foreheads to students. But the goodie bags brought the sunshine back on their faces! 👦👩👧👨😄😄😄🌞🌞🌞

Remember! Good profession cool life! We know what we are talking about because we love what we do! 🖤

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