Małgorzata Gulewicz

Today, we are excited to present You our wee fancy robot look, aye!
As a robot, he can secure many areas of our life! BUT, who really is he?This one called proudly: “TetheredDRONE”

✔️ Unmanned aerial vehicle, made for observation and inspection
✔️  gas DETECTION ☢️☣️🎥
✔️ Modular system of observation cameras, (visible light camera, thermal imaging camera).
✔️ LONG FLIGHT time thanks to powering from the ground station.
✔️ The application for easy control of the “TetheredDRONE”

This project it’s a cooperation of MooseInc. with the largest technical university in North-Eastern Poland, Politechnika Białostocka .
To number of people working on this project: You guys rock!
Looking forward to see the final result!

Hey, there is one more thing we have to tell You: All our drones are CUSTOM MADE!

See more: tethereddrone.pl

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