We haven’t been to aesthetic medicine yet 🙈 , but for us, the impossible doesn’t exist!
We can already tell you that our new project: ‘AR Horizon’ will be a real HIT and LIFE CHANGER in the permanent eyebrow makeup industry!
📍We have created a mobile application for android phones analyzing anthropometric face lines
📍With the use of technology AR application alone adjusts the eyebrows to the face shape
📍We have obtained possibility choice of the shape and eyebrow color
This beautiful lady from the photo is Dominika Ptak – the main originator of this project, passionate permanent makeup artist and technology enthusiast. GO FOLLOW ➡️➡️➡️ Dominika Ptak Permanent make-up
Our project is not only quick and convenient visualization of the final permanent eyebrow makeup treatments.
We can’t reveal ALL the details yet 🤫 so, keep an eye for new UPDATES! 👀
Work in progress…
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